If your maintenance fee payments are current, you are in good ethical standing and you are up-to-date on recertification, you may apply for temporary inactive status. This means that you will not be working in the field of art therapy or supervising art therapy practice. If approved, you may hold this status for up to five years.

During this time, you may not use the ATR, ATR-BC, or ATCS designation. Instead, you may refer to yourself as ATR, ATR-BC, or ATCS – Temporary Inactive.

In order to apply for Temporary Inactive Status, you must agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in the Temporary Inactive Status Application Handbook. You must apply online via the MyATCB site. There is a one-time $25 fee to apply for temporary inactive status (please see fee chart). During the time that temporary inactive status is in effect, the annual maintenance fee is waived and you are not required to amass continuing education. Please note that board-certified art therapists must meet continuing education requirements in order to return to active status. Refer to the application handbook for additional information.

Temporary Inactive Status Application Handbook

Ready to re-activate your status? A written request must be submitted eight weeks prior to the time you would like to reactivate your ATCB credential.

Please note, the ATCB also offers Retired Status. Click here for more information.